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A Warmer Home A Better You

Winter time can be difficult for everyone, especially as we age! By following a few quick and easy steps you will be on the right track to keep yourself safe and warm throughout winter. In this guide you will find what support is available to you, tips to a healthier home and how Northern Gas Heating can keep you warm and well.

Keeping yourself warm

Wrap up warm
Keep your body heated by wearing warm clothing, especially a comfortable woolly hat. Use a shawl or blanket to keep yourself warm when you’re sitting at home relaxing.

Keeping warm at night
Heat your bed with a lovely hot water bottle, so you can sleep comfortable at night.

Get a flu jab
If you’re over 65 you are eligible to receive a free flue jab. This is to ensure that you are protected against catching flu or other illnesses.

Get financial support
If you’re receiving certain benefits, you could be qualified to receive extra money in periods of very cold weather. This payment is known as Cold Weather Payment.

Keeping your home warm

Draft proofing
To prevent losing heat, seal areas where draft is being released. This includes windows, doors or any gaps you may find, this is a cheap and easy way to warm up your home.

Keep your curtains closed
large amounts of heat is lost through windows, put up thick curtains and keep them closed to keep the warmth in.

Have your heating checked
Have your heating checked on an annual basis, this is to check that your heating is in good shape to keep your home worm. You should only as a Gas Safe Registered engineer to service your gas heating.