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Meter Operator Service

Take control of your energy usage with a smart meter

Quality & Reliability


The next generation of gas and electricity meters

We are an accredited Meter Operator (MOP) for both half-hourly (HH) and non-half-hourly (NHH) electricity meters, offering comprehensive meter services across the UK. We strive to deliver exceptional service and reliability in managing electricity meters, ensuring accurate readings and optimal performance. Whether you require installation, maintenance, or ongoing support for your smart meters, our dedicated team is here to provide tailored solutions that meet your specific needs.

Smart meters are the next generation of self-reading gas and electricity meters. They let you see how much energy you’re using in pounds and pence.

Unlike a standard meter, they’ll automatically read and submit your energy usage, hourly and half-hourly to your supplier, so you’ll get accurate bills.

Real-time data

Smart meters provide instant information about your energy usage, helping your understand and manage your consumption better.

Accurate billing

Say goodbye to estimated bills. Smart meters send accurate usage readings to your energy provider, ensuring you’re billed for what you actually use.

Energy efficient

By understanding how and when you use your energy, you can make informed decisions to reduce waste and save money.


Smart Meter Services

We cover a variety of different meter operating services, from installing to maintaining smart meters.


Installing non-half-hourly and half-hourly meters.


Replacing your old meter for a new smart meter.


Relocating your old meter with a new smart meter.


Completely removing and safely disconnecting your old meter.


Our Services Include

Northern Gas Heating are the industry leading experts in heating and efficiency solutions for homes. Having being ran for over 20 years, we have established ourselves as the most reliable provider in the UK.


Installing, commissioning, testing, operating and maintaining non-half-hourly and half-hourly meters.


Guaranteed service levels, dedicated project management and highly qualified engineers.


Regular maintenance and on-call fault resolution of the latest metering and data communications technology,


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