battery storage

start saving on your energy bills with a battery storage system.

With energy prices still rising, a battery storage system can help you reduce your bills by storing energy from a solar panel system or by using an econoy 7 tariff to charge it when the rates
are low, so you can use it when the rates are high. With the added benefit of storage you can use your generated electricity later in the day and at night, reducing your bills even further.

soluna battery module

A battery storage system that stores solar power by capturing excess renewable energy for you during peak times, it enhances self-sufficiency and lowers electricity bills. Suitable for residential and commercial applications, offering energy security and peace of mind.

  • 10-year warrranty
  • 6000+ cycles lifespan
  • 24/7 online monitoring
  • 6-60kW capacity
  • Dimensions: 971mm (h) x 654mm (w)
  • Weight: 103kg
  • Floor-standing

  • payment options

    Northern Gas Heating customers are promised access to a range of easy payment options.

    cash payment

    Pay in full on your preferred credit/debit card after your
installation is complete.


    11.9% APR over a maximum of 10 years.