solar panels

switch to solar, cut energy bills, reduce your carbon footprint and enjoy 
long-term savings

Northern Gas Heating are MCS accredited, meaning we can install Solar Panels that’ll meet your requirements. By generating your own electricity, you could save massively on your energy bills. Solar Panels allow you to generate your own electricity using energy from the sun. They don’t need direct sunlight, only daylight, so they also work on cloudy days. Our energy experts will supervise the whole installation from start to finish.

renesola 400w solar panels

These solar panels generate more power in low irradiation and exceeds the minimal power rating by up to 5 watts per panel. Peak efficiency 22%. The panel will produce 87.5% of the power after 30 years. A great investment that lasts longer.

  • Can perform 5% higher than polycrystalline panels
  • Out performs conventional half-cell technology in the shade
  • Ultra-sleek with consistent tone provides a modernised look
  • Dimensions: 1722mm (h) x 1134mm (w) x 30mm (d)
  • Weight: 22kg
  • Performance warranty: 25-years

  • payment options

    Northern Gas Heating customers are promised access to a range of easy payment options.

    cash payment

    Pay in full on your preferred credit/debit card after your
installation is complete.


    11.9% APR over a maximum of 10 years.

    looking for battery storage?

    Reduce your energy bills and carbon footprint even
further by adding battery storage to you
solar panel system