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Home Cover Plan

Unlimited Engineer Call-outs And No Excess Fees With A 24-hour Customer Helpline


24/7 Guaranteed Home Cover Plan

Our home cover plan is designed to grant our esteemed customers absolute serenity with respect to emergency home coverage.

When things go wrong we are here to solve them with unlimited engineer call outs and no excess combined with a 24 hour customer dedicated helpline.

Silver Plan
from £11.99
billed per month

Our silver plan covers various different support options, provided to you through our highly rated 24/7 support system

Gold Plan
from £18.50
billed per month

Our gold plan covers various different support options, provided to you through our highly rated 24/7 support system


24/7 Home Emergency Cover

Northern Gas Heating are the industry leading experts in heating and efficiency solutions for homes. Having being ran for over 23 years, we have established ourselves as the most reliable provider in the UK.

Fast Services

Our dedicated 24-hour customer service team promise responsive emergency call-outs when you want.

Fair Prices

We believe our cover offers some of the best extras that money can buy in the industry.

Great Value

We promise not to increase our prices in the second year and not charge for cover you don’t need.

What's Included In The Policy?

Roof Damage

Any damage to the roof of your home where internal damage has been caused or is likely

Plumbing & Drainage

Damage to, or blockage, breaking or leaking of, the drains or plumbing system that you are responsible for in your home.

Heating Failure

The failure of the main heating system in your home.

Power Supply Failure

The failure of the domestic electricity or gas supply in the boundaries of your home.

Toilet Unit

Impact damage to, or mechanical failure of, a toilet bowl or cistern that results in complete loss of function of the only toilet or toilets in your home.

Home Security

The failure of or damage to external doors, windows or locks resulting in your home becoming insecure.


The only available set of keys to your home is lost, stolen or damaged and you can’t replace them, or can’t gain normal access to your home.


An infestation by vermin in your home which prevents the use of the loft or one of more rooms in your home.

Plumbing & Drainage

Pipes for which your water supply or sewage company are responsible and rainwater drains and soakaways

Heating Failure

Cold-water supply or drainage pipes, non-domestic heating or non-domestic hot-water systems, or any form of solar heating or warm airsystem.

Power Supply Failure

The failure of the mains supply.

Toilet Unit

If you have another toilet in your home that is working.


An infestation in any domestic out-building or garage, or the removal and or control of bees nests.


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Brilliant service from Northern Gas Heating and EON. New boiler fitted, without any hassle back in April...
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I am very happy with the install; from start to finish we had clear communication from the sales team to the install team...
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